Historia & Co is a clothing line that acknowledge and embraces the Minority Historical Figures that get little to no fanfare. Our Goal is the educate while making a fashion statement.

Historia & Co. is a T-shirt line created to pay homage the “less popular” historical figures that have shaped America and The American Culture. As we all know, The American Culture is nothing but a big “Melting Pot” of different cultures from all around the world. Instead of celebrating “The Culture” itself, we wanted to shine light on the Individuals who have contributed the “The Culture” by honoring them through apparel. Wear History Meets Fashion.

As a company we wanted educate and bring recognition to those who have paved the way for building up America as one of the most sought out country to move to. American Culture is a melting pot of all cultures from all over the world combined to make it what it is today. what it is today. Through fashion we wanted to promote history all year around. We pay homage by educated the world with wearable history. together being fashionable while educationacknowledge and bring attention to American that gets less attention.

America has been the place of land and opportunity. Instead of celebrating only the culture, we wanted to make sure we educate about exactly who contributed to the culture. Whether they were American or not, we wanted to pay homage to them thru our apparel.



Historia & Co. is a Brand created to celebrate & honor the Forgotten in American History, Minorities.  Minority’s DNA is in America, the evolution of it, and proper recognition is overdue. Without their contribution & sacrifices, America would not be what it is today.  

When you wear Historia & Co it is a symbol to the world that you know, honor and celebrate the unrevised American History where Minority’s undeniable contribution to America is acknowledged and accepted as truth. 

To the Minorities of USA of America:

Native American, 

African Americans, 

Latino, Hispanice, 

Asian & 

Pacific Islanders?

Thank you for the Land, Labor and Culture. 

Without you there would be No America. 

Thank you.